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Ever felt frustrated with traditional in-office therapy?

Ready to boldly forge a new path?

If you’re a heart-led therapist (or future therapist) who believes in embracing change, we’ve got you.


Walk and talk therapy is an innovative, effective and ethical way to support your clients while offering you all the benefits of a nature-based lifestyle. Step outside the clinic setting and welcome in a fresh way of working – one that is unrestricted, creatively flowing and completely supported by nature.


Did we also mention the lower overheads, more flexibility, better perks and (let’s be real) huge earning potential?


Join the movement and learn how to:

On the Beach

Reimagine Therapy

Offering walk and talk services will help you stand out in a sea of office-based options and allow you to harness the unique power of nature to nurture.

Amplify Wellbeing

Sunshine, green spaces and regular movement are all linked to improvements in mood and mental health, helping to supercharge wellbeing for you and your clients.

Lead with Purpose

You’re not alone on this journey. We’ll guide you through setting up, growing and scaling your walk and talk business so you can live your best life while inspiring others.

What is walk and talk therapy?

Perhaps you’re a psychologist, a counsellor or a life coach. You love helping people work through problems and level up in life – it’s fulfilling, important work. You also love spending time in nature – but you’ve been told that therapy belongs indoors.

Because of this, you work long, sedentary hours in an office. To counter it, you get up before dawn to exercise or spend your weekends immersing yourself in nature.

Imagine, then, if your favourite place was your office. If you could move gently all day instead of in stolen moments between appointments and commitments. If your best (furry) friend could come to work with you. If, instead of simply suggesting interventions such as mindfulness practices or exercise, you could get the ball rolling in person.

It’s not wishful thinking – walk and talk therapy offers just that. With a set of business practices that follow careful guidelines, you can take your vital work into the outdoors, using movement, fresh air and the rich textbook of nature to nurture your clients’ progress, while nourishing your own wellbeing.

With the outdoors as your office, you expand everything – from your therapeutic approach to your work-life balance to your earning potential. There are fewer overheads to manage and far greater opportunities for growth. You can truly go your own way.

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Our Story

Huge windows with mountain views. Beautiful paintings of the local beach. Scented candles and a soothing soundtrack. As far as offices go, it was just about perfect – and our founder, former psychologist Maz Miller (that’s her on the left), loved it.

And yet, something was missing.

Then one day, it all became clear. Maz was working with a client who was struggling to incorporate exercise into her lifestyle when she thought, why not start right now? Together, they took Maz’s dog Dion out for a walk, and everything changed.

Therapy took on a completely different shape during that walk. The beautiful scenery, the fresh air, Dion, the movement: it all worked to motivate and inspire both Maz and her client. As the session ended, Maz could tell that this was exactly what was missing from her practice. Her office was beautiful, but nature – with its endless opportunities for teachable moments and nourishing effect on the senses – was a powerful upgrade.

Maz went on to trial walk and talk sessions with other clients and the results were unbelievable. People were literally walking their way through problems, improving their health and getting more out of every session. Cancellations were way down, patients were improving at record speeds, and Maz knew she was onto something special.

So, she did something extraordinary: she quit her office and never looked back.

After building two successful walk and talk businesses in a few short years, Maz decided it was time to start a movement. She launched walkandtalktherapy.com to educate and empower other therapists, coaches and counsellors to follow her lead and embrace a better way of working.

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Thank you so much for creating this wonderful opportunity,  not just for me work wise, but for our clients and everyone that is involved with us in some way. I love hearing feedback and comments about what a great idea outdoor sessions are, and how helpful it is/has been to so many people (clients and workers alike!). This happens at least once a day on my work days :) and it's so validating and affirming when it does; you have truly created something unique and wonderful and to be so proud of.

"Maz is so inspiring and clearly so very passionate about helping other therapists to start up their own walk and talk counselling practices.  It was so refreshing to talk to another therapist and business coach that was equally as passionate about the benefits of nature, exercise and counselling as I am. "

"Maz is a great mentor: In our first meeting she managed to really understand who I am and where I am in my walk talk journey. She is so generous with the wisdom she's gathered from building up her walk talk practice over the years and communicated her enthusiasm to me."

"Maz was able to help me visualise my big picture - how I wanted my walk and talk business to look, my ideal clients, and by the end of our session I was able to visualise my future walk and talk business as being very successful and able to help my ideal clients. "

"Maz was able to encourage me to think about the smaller details of building the business, things that I hadn't even thought of yet!  Maz is friendly, warm and down to earth and I came away from our session feeling heard and inspired and  more motivated than ever!'.

"Maz inderstands the need to balance clinical understanding with sound business skills. I felt really supported and our session helped me grow in my  belief I can move forward in my work outdoors."

So, you have some questions...

We get it – taking therapy outdoors seems like a big step. But, it’s actually safer, easier and more effective than you might think.

Take a stroll through our FAQs to learn more.


Is it private?

Absolutely. Taking your clients into the outdoors takes a bit of time and consideration (similar to creating an exposure-therapy session), but once it is done well, it will ensure your client feels comfortable and their privacy and confidentiality is ensured.

Is it ethical?

Walk and talk therapy is ethical and based on traditional concepts of your chosen therapy style – just done in the outdoors! This way of therapy has been used in many practices, especially when a therapist is client-focused and introducing movement and nature as part of tailoring the sessions to their client’s needs.

Do I have to be fit?

Nope, no need to be super fit. While our clients come from various fitness levels, we are simply walking. From experience, your fitness will slowly build up as you go. We have therapists covering over 20km walking distance per day as time goes on!

Is this only for psychologists?

Walk and talk therapy is all-inclusive and can be translated to most styles of therapy. It’s certainly not exclusive to psychologists. Our community includes many therapy backgrounds such as social work, counselling, youth work, spiritual work, occupational therapy and more.

What about insurance?

We’ll cover this in detail in the Walking Therapists’ Club, but as a starting point, we suggest calling your insurance provider and explaining this style of therapy to find out of it is included in your cover.

Who is not suited to walk and talk therapy?

Walk and talk therapy is not suited to people who simply feel more comfortable in an indoor space; tend to run when confronted with challenging emotions; and those who find the outdoors overwhelming due to trauma-related events. Join the Walking Therapists’ Club to learn more.