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Thank you so much for creating this wonderful opportunity,  not just for me work wise, but for our clients and everyone that is involved with us in some way. I love hearing feedback and comments about what a great idea outdoor sessions are, and how helpful it is/has been to so many people (clients and workers alike!). This happens at least once a day on my work days :) and it's so validating and affirming when it does; you have truly created something unique and wonderful and to be so proud of.

"Maz is so inspiring and clearly so very passionate about helping other therapists to start up their own walk and talk counselling practices.  It was so refreshing to talk to another therapist and business coach that was equally as passionate about the benefits of nature, exercise and counselling as I am. "

"Maz is a great mentor: In our first meeting she managed to really understand who I am and where I am in my walk talk journey. She is so generous with the wisdom she's gathered from building up her walk talk practice over the years and communicated her enthusiasm to me."

"Maz was able to help me visualise my big picture - how I wanted my walk and talk business to look, my ideal clients, and by the end of our session I was able to visualise my future walk and talk business as being very successful and able to help my ideal clients. "

"Maz was able to encourage me to think about the smaller details of building the business, things that I hadn't even thought of yet!  Maz is friendly, warm and down to earth and I came away from our session feeling heard and inspired and  more motivated than ever!'.

"Maz inderstands the need to balance clinical understanding with sound business skills. I felt really supported and our session helped me grow in my  belief I can move forward in my work outdoors."